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Welcome! This journal is mostly for my fan-related ramblings.
I suppose this banner would say "Friends Only" if my journal were "Friends Only", but, alas, I'm an open book.

Serenity Bunch

random randomness

  1. Well, I'm home again. I'm very tired. I'm so glad to be sleeping in my own bed and curled up with my own stuff. Hospitals suck.
  2. I missed seeing Teyla & Ronon (er... I mean Rachel and Jason) who visited Baltimore this weekend, but I'm told they were lots of fun! And John Druitt! Oh noes! 
  3. I'm also behind in re-watching Firefly, so I'm going to put in the DVD and watch War Stories before taking another nap.
  4. Rocky Road ice cream is dreamy.
  5. I haven't done anything Bones-related since season 4 ended.
Sanctuary boys

hospitals and Sanctuary

I've been absolutely horrid about keeping up with my flist. I manage to participate in 2-3 icontests sporadically but really, that's just about it these days. But, I'm feeling a little better and hoping to remedy that.

Today is a good day because for the first time in weeks the smell of coffee doesn't make me want to vomit. I even had a cup and mom made it extra strong with milk ~  just the way I like it. Yay! God it was so good.

So the new COBRA rules are complicated, but I guess I've got it figured out. I'm also applying for medicaid (which I apparently qualify for since I don't have any income atm).  Thankfully my doctor is creative. A lot of the chemo treatments have been performed in one of the Johns Hopkins clinics (which saves $$). I'm able to spend most of my time at home and not as an inpatient. His secretary is also helping my dad fill out paperwork for disability because they don't think I'll be able to work any time soon.

Enough of the depressing Cemby's-sick-crap. I've recently been missing Sanctuary and wanted to re-watch the episodes. is cylcing through episodes 5 at a time. Right now they're showing:
  • Requiem
  • Warriors
  • Instinct
  • Revelations 1
  • Revelations 2

Sanctuary boys


Wow! It's been a while since I updated here, hasn't it?

My semester is finally over and I believe I managed to squeak by. I spent the last week on home infusion, and my bio professor allowed me to take my final over the computer and my English Lit professor allowed me an additional essay versus the in-class essay final thing.

I got to spend today making icons!! I think I've gotten the hang of this gimp thing...maybe.

My brother graduates from college in 2 weeks. He's thinking about spending the summer back in Nepal. Dad isn't happy.

Well, I'm off to catch up on you folks. :)
Serenity Bunch

I'm home again

Thanks for the emails and well-wishes. And a huge thank you for colls for both delivery of Firefly DVDs (much better than flowers when you're in the hospital, I swear!) and for my shiny new laptop.

I know it's used and the 's' and 'n' keys are mysteriously worn, but I love it! She also installed a wireless-thingy in it and I've gotten it to work ~ yay me! Tomorrow I'll try to load GIMP and see how that works out for me. In the meantime, no icons... :(

The doctors say this whole being-in-denial thing isn't helping me. I'm 24 years old, I'm not supposed to take life seriously yet, am I?

Oh, and he said I should try and gain some weight. Well, I'm off to catch up on Bones and Castle and take some horse-pills...
Serenity Bunch

Lost my job ~ think I might take up drinking full-time now

Well, I've officially been given notice at work. Seems she can only keep me on until the end of March, but if I find something earlier, she understands. I know I'm lucky to have that much warning and I think she's rather hoping I find something earlier. Frankly, I don't have the energy to look for a job right now, maybe later in the week.

Also, I'm about to run off my dad's health insurance. Apparently they don't care that I'm still a student? I'm getting too old and when I turn 25 he can no longer pay COBRA payments to keep me on. I'm part time and behind in school because I had to take time off. Um, because I get sick. This is a big deal. I can't afford to not have insurance. My family can't afford for me to not have insurance. Is President Obama fixing this insurance mess before July?

So, find part time job with health benefits. Sure. No problem. Because shit like that just grows on trees these days. Has anyone actually looked at the want ads lately?
Serenity Bunch


Well, week 1 of bigdamn_rewatch  is underway and it seems to be going well so far. 

My boss is cutting back my hours at the coffee shop even more, which means I need to start looking for another part-time job. I think she's worried that she'll actually have to close the shop, which sucks big time.

Oh, and my English Lit class is hard, my bio class is a breeze. Why is it that the more interesting I find a topic, the more difficult it seems to be for me? My advisor is pestering me to pick a major because I'm between that sophmore/junior phase and many of the credits I'm taking now aren't considered "general". In fact, I had to get special permission for the bio class, and I only took it because it made my dad happy to think I would be going into a field that can weather an economic storm (his words, not mine). I really don't want to be nailed down yet, I'd like to wait another year and see what's going on in the world. I have a feeling I'm going to have to declare before I can take any classes this fall. I suppose I can always change it later.

I just caught up on 'Hero in the Hold' (Bones) and I loved it! But why is Booth having so many mental episodes lately? First the hockey thing, now the dead soldier. I'm starting to get a little nervous.